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Yearbook 2019

Bahamas. On September 1, the tropical cyclone Dorian pulled in over the northwestern Bahamas with very strong winds - mostly with a strength of up to 90 m/s. The wind whipped up near 7-meter-high waves that swept buildings and laid large areas under water, including the Grand Bahama International Airport in Freeport. According to CountryAAH, 70,000 people were then in need of relief. By mid-October, the official death toll was 65 people and over 280 were missing. The material costs were estimated at US $ 7 million, making Dorian the worst weather in history in the country.

2019 Bahamas

In June, 82-year-old Cornelius A. Smith took over as new Governor General. He has previously been Minister of Transport and Bahamas Ambassador to the United States.

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