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Yearbook 2019

Brunei. In April, the Sultan, as well as Prime Minister Hassanal Bolkiah, announced that the country would now begin to apply the most severe penalties (including stoning) within the framework of Sharia law, which began to apply in 2014. Among these are the death penalty for rape, adultery, homosexuality, homosexual acts, the Prophet Muhammad. Lesbian sex should provide punishment (40 strokes) and up to ten years in prison. For theft, the penalty is amputation.

2019 Brunei

According to CountryAAH, the news aroused outrage and American celebrities called for a boycott of the luxury Dorchester hotel in London and the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles, both owned by the Sultan. In early May, the Sultan said in a speech that the death penalty would not begin to be applied. Gay acts are already banned in Brunei and can give up to ten years in prison.

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