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Yearbook 2019

Dominica. In September, the first phase was inaugurated by a new state-of-the-art hospital called Dominica China Friendship Hospital. According to CountryAAH, the new hospital section houses, among other things, an emergency room and an operating room. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit was delighted in his inaugural speech that Dominica's citizens will now not have to go abroad to receive care.

2019 Dominica

In late September, the first climate strike was conducted in the country, led by 15-year-old Sahara Sky and inspired by the global protest movement Fridays for Future.

In October, Prime Minister Skerrit announced that elections would be held within 100 days. He had previously been criticized by opposition leader Lennox Linton for not giving clear information on the timing of the upcoming election, which according to the rules will be held no later than March 2020. The election took place in early December and resulted in a new clear victory for it. led by the Skerrit Labor Party, which received 59% of the vote and 18 of the 21 electoral seats.

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