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Equatorial Guinea

Yearbook 2019

Equatorial Guinea. In August, it was 40 years since President Teodoro Obiang Nguema came to power after a coup in which he deposed his uncle. He is thus one of the world's longest-serving presidents.

2019 Equatorial Guinea

The human rights groups, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, celebrated the anniversary on August 3 and continued to express concern about the government's lack of respect for human rights, including torture and defamation lawsuits. The opposition had great difficulty operating. The Ministry of the Interior announced in July that the organization CEID, which works for human rights and good governance, would be dissolved. The organization has been persecuted for several years.

According to CountryAAH, more than 100 people were sentenced in May in a mass trial for participation in an alleged coup attempt in December 2017. The prison sentences were between three and 96 years. The trial showed a number of deficiencies according to legal observers, for example, admissions had been forced.

One glimmer of light was that the president announced in April that he was going to ask Parliament to abolish the death penalty. The country's last known executions were in January 2014.

In Geneva, 25 luxury cars, including seven Ferrari, were sold at auction in September. The cars were owned by one of the president's sons, Vice President Teodorin Obiang. Most of the $ 27 million raised by the auction was set aside for social projects in Equatorial Guinea. The Swiss authorities seized the cars in connection with an investigation into money laundering. It ended at the beginning of the year. The president's zone has previously been dropped for economic crimes in France.

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