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Yearbook 2019

Guinea. In January, a three-month teacher strike ended and schools could be reopened. The agreement that the teachers' union concluded with the government included a 40 per cent increase in salaries and promises of negotiations on a basic salary for teachers.

2019 Guinea

According to CountryAAH, the opposition gathered during the year to try to prevent President Alpha Condé from being able to extend his time in power. The president's second term expires in October 2020 and he is prohibited from running for the next election, according to the constitution. However, Condé's party is proposing a constitutional amendment that will allow more than two terms of office. Alpha Condé's September statement that citizens should prepare for elections and referendums fueled rumors that the president is also in favor of amending the constitution. The latter was confirmed in December when Condé presented a draft new constitution.

Earlier in the year, in April, several opposition parties formed the Alliance National Front for the Defense of the Constitution. A few days later, one of the parties, the Liberal bloc, demonstrated outside the parliament building. They objected to the opening of a new session of the National Assembly despite the expiry of the parliamentary mandate in January. The term of office is five years, but no parliamentary elections have been held since September 2013. The leader of the Liberal bloc, Faya Millimouno, and several of the party hangings were arrested during the protests. In May, seven people were sentenced to three months in prison after demonstrating outside a sports arena where President Condé was speaking. According to the allegations, they had disturbed the general order.

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