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Yearbook 2019

Lesotho. According to CountryAAH, Prime Minister Tom Thabane's position was questioned during the year - both by the opposition and by forces within his own party, the Allbasothian Convention (ABC). Parliament was kept up to date for several periods. The purpose, according to critics, was that Thabane wanted to prevent a vote of no confidence in him. The veteran politician was accused, among other things, of having his wife participate in government decisions.

2019 Lesotho

Rival factions have been in open conflict since Deputy Party Chief Nqosa Mahao won a vote in February in which a number of Thabanetrogens were allowed to step down from leading positions.

Cyril Ramaphosa, president of the mighty neighboring South Africa, tried to persuade the rival parties to initiate talks and made an agreement in July.

Like many of the neighboring countries in southern Africa, Lesotho was under pressure. The United Nations World Food Program, WFP, warned in September that a third of the rural population risked acute food shortages. The crisis was categorized as a third on the five-degree scale used by WFP and other aid organizations.

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