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Yearbook 2019

Luxembourg. According to CountryAAH, the Liberal Democratic Party (DP) became by far the largest party in the European Parliament elections on 26 May. The Christian Social Party (CSV), like the DP, ended up at just over 21%, giving the parties two mandates each. The Greens ended up at 19% (1 mandate) and the Social Democratic Socialist Workers Party (LSAP) at 12% of the vote (1 mandate). The turnout was second highest in the EU, 84%, after Belgium's 88%.

2019 Luxembourg

The Luxembourg Ministry of Health has submitted a proposal to legalize cannabis. If this goes through, you will be the first country in Europe to completely legalize the drug. Within two years it is hoped to get through the bill. Cannabis is currently legal in eleven US states, in Canada and Uruguay.

On April 23, Grand Duke Jean, who abdicated after 35 years on the throne in 2000, passed away and was succeeded by Grand Duke Henri. He turned 98 years old.

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