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Yearbook 2019

Namibia. In February, a Bible and a whip belonging to Hendrik Witbooi, who was one of the Nama people's leaders in the fight against the German colonizers, were returned to Namibia. According to CountryAAH, the objects were exhibited for a long time at the Linden Museum in Stuttgart. The German government has in recent years acknowledged that the Herero and Nama groups were genocide in 1904–05 but have so far refused to pay any damages. In March, the claim for German damages was also rejected by a US court.

2019 Namibia

In September, a first group of about 800 Namibian refugees from Botswana were deported. After fighting erupted in 1999 in the northeastern Caprivi Strip, where a separatist movement demanded independence, many fled to Botswana. The authorities there had now asked for the refugees to return to their home country by themselves, but these had refused for fear of being persecuted.

SWAPO made its worst election since the year before independence in 1990. Despite this, the party received 65.5% of the vote and 63 out of 104 seats. President Hage Geingob was also re-elected with much weaker support than SWAPO's candidates previously received, 56% of the vote. Panduleni Itula, formerly a member of the ruling party and now running as an independent candidate, was supported by 29% of voters, many of them young people. He thus became the first candidate who does not represent SWAPO to receive more than 20% of the vote since 1994.

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