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Yearbook 2019

Oman. In March, according to CountryAAH, Oman was put on the EU list of states that can be called tax havens and that facilitate tax evasion from other countries. According to the EU, the country has not fulfilled previous promises of measures.

In the same month, an agreement was entered into with the United States, which allows some ports, including al-Drum south of the Hormuz Strait, and airports for US vessels and fighter aircraft.

In June, Oman decided to open an embassy in Palestine, located on the occupied West Bank. The country thus becomes the first Gulf state with embassy in Palestine.

At the end of October, the Omani went to election. It involved 85 representatives to the Advisory Assembly. The Council does not really have political power, but may have influence over an upcoming election of followers - the current ruler, the 79-year-old Sultan of Oman Qabus ibn Said, is sickly and has no successor.

2019 Oman


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