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Saint Kitts and Nevis

Yearbook 2019

Saint Christopher and Nevis. In May, the British newspaper The Guardian reported that Russian lawyer Andrej Pavlov has been able to travel to countries within the European Union (EU) over 70 times over the past four years, despite his name being included in a list of 32 corruption-accused persons who the European Parliament believes should be blacklisted and thus denied entry bans. Pavlov is also subject to sanctions from the United States. His travels to several European countries have been made possible by applying for and obtaining a passport from the Nevis authorities, which gives the right to enter the EU without a visa. According to CountryAAH, European MPs demanded action from the European Commission, arguing that citizens of Saint Christopher and Nevis should be forced to apply for a visa, prompting Prime Minister Timothy Harris to react sharply.

2019 Saint Kitts and Nevis

During the autumn, the government presented a proposal for a constitutional supplement, the first more significant change since the constitution became effective when the country became independent in 1983. According to the proposal, it should be allowed for a prime minister to govern only for a total of two terms of office. Voices within the Opposition Labor Party considered that the proposal was directed at party leader Denzil Douglas, who was prime minister from 1995 to 2005 and thus would be disqualified from further terms as head of government. It was also pointed out that two thirds of MEPs must vote in favor of a constitutional change. The ruling party The Unity Team does not have a large majority.

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