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Trinidad and Tobago

Yearbook 2019

Trinidad and Tobago. During the year, Trinidad and Tobago received international criticism for not having an official asylum policy. Due to the politically unstable situation in Venezuela and the lack of food and other supplies there, thousands of Venezuelans have applied to Trinidad. The number was estimated at a total of 40,000. The government of Trinidad and Tobago continued to remain neutral in the power struggle between Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and President Juan Guaidó, who proclaimed president and was recognized by a number of states worldwide. Prime Minister Keith Rowley defended government policy and was strongly critical of a BBC report claiming that tens of thousands of Venezuelan refugees were not allowed to register with the authorities, a statement Rowley dismissed as false.

2019 Trinidad and Tobago

According to CountryAAH, Prime Minister Rowley also expressed his dissatisfaction during the year with the EU's so-called black list of countries that do not do enough to deal with tax evasion and money laundering. Several of the other Caribbean countries that initially ended up on the list have since been removed from there, but Trinidad and Tobago remained on the revised list presented in May. Rowley was not alone in his criticism. Secretary-General of the Caribbean Community Regional Cooperation (CARICOM) Irwin LaRocque said in May that he perceived the black list as a threat to the development of the Caribbean countries and an intrusion on states' self-determination.

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