Aland 2019

Yearbook 2019

Aland. The year began with a devastating storm over Åland, where the highest wind force measured in Finland came at 32.5 meters per second and over 42 in the villages. The electricity was switched off, the Åland radio was silenced and the storm Alfrida was followed by forest clearing which led to a death.

The October election was a victory for the opposition. The center progressed strongly and became the largest party with close to 28% of the vote and 9 seats. The Liberals, Moderates and Social Democrats who ruled together all went back. Center leader Veronica Thörnroos was elected as a new county council with 22 of the team’s 30 seats. She formed a new provincial government with the Center, Moderates, Unbound Collection and the new Environment and Climate Party Sustainable initiative. The coalition had 19 of the Lagting’s 30 seats.

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