American Apparel Leads with The Pubic Hair of His Mannequins

With the already worn free nude as a tactic to draw attention and censorship, American Apparel looking for new challenges. Challenges that rubbing the rough and easy tactics but that meet its objective: the news around the world thanks to incorporate pubic hair in their Dummies.

Like American Apparel to speak of it always. Then happens that meets the double face of the controversy and exploits him to his face: as the case of Nancy Upton and sizes them XL.

The dramatic aggravation of American Apparel seems to have the Valentine’s day campaign on the horizon. You have to climb sales in any way.

Showcase that we see is that of the American Apparel store New York, specifically in the street East Houston Street where a user warned to Gothamist’s such a shift between laughter of passersby. A showcase created ex profeso for the shop according to the own brand.

American Apparel says love celebrate the natural beauty, make the viewer wonder about what is sexy and natural comfort, to make their campaigns without both photoshop and tweaks as usual by industry.

And so farewell American Apparel, to the following tactics of marketing to be at all sites with a bit of hair as an expense only. Public relations action is perfect, the message better comment you that I don’t believe me none of them.

Photo | American Apparel