And Mesh Stockings Became Elegant, Say The VIP Guests of The Chanel Fashion Show

Karl Lagerfeld reinvents everything, of course the suit of tweed and the little black dresses that Coco Chanel gave us the women, but also the fishnets, that do not clash in the beautiful Hall of Salzburg where took place the Chanel fashion show. The same Empress Sissi would dress today as Alice Dellal in a suit with shorts and fishnets.

Another guest of the front row who opted for the fantasy stockings under a simple grey dress was Lily Allen.

Much simpler was the look of Astrid Berges, whose way to rejuvenate a Chanel dress He was wearing military boots.

Another of the guests who stood out for its beauty and elegance Jasna Fritzi Bauer. Karl has good eye to sign to young people who are the new face of the French maison.

He was also surprised by the delicate way to wear a black dress Cleo Von Adelsheim. Many new faces in the front row, Austrian.

And another point from the front row of Chanel-style Note: the white bags They triumph over black bags.

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