Anna Wintour Isn’t The Only Who Rejects a Miley Cyrus, Juergen Teller Joins The Club

The stupendous Miley Cyrcus were marked in the MTV Video Music Awards 2013 He did not would know nothing of the singer and the cover of December already had planned with Cyrus as the protagonist by Anna Wintour. “Bad taste” of his performance was the cause of this and now we hear that Juergen Teller, the photographer known for its rather feistas, nor wants to work with her.

It is the downside of being the man of the year, your actions are monitored to the millimeter, and while some you conceal the heights, others want no part of you. The ‘no’ of Anna Wintour has managed to do damage to the singer with respect to its relationship with the world of fashion, but when some get back, others give you hand and as we saw, maybe Miley wasn’t cover of Vogue, but yes it was from one of its competitors, the American edition of Harper’s Bazaar.

But that has not been, everything. Cyrus became a few days ago the image of Marc Jacobs for this spring-summer 2014, snapshots taken by David Sims and not by the head of the firm, Juergen Teller photographer. Even there it was all right until We learn from the Jacobs own words the reason for this absence: “I just didn’t want to shoot her”. The second encampment that Miley has received by the fashion industry and there will surely be more, but I am also sure that Miley will continue to have its place in fashion has cover of Vogue of half or not.