In the old town of Naxos, you can shop for gifts, among other things.

Traveling to Naxos

It is possible to travel to Naxos on your own or on a package tour. Getting to the island takes some time, as there are no direct flights from Helsinki to the destination.

Ready-made package tours are arranged for Naxos in the summer. Although the island has an airport, package tours usually land on Santorini, from where the journey continues by ferry. The journey takes 3-5 hours, depending on the ferry. Sometimes the package includes one or two nights in Santorini. Transfers are usually at an additional cost, so check with the tour operator when booking.

A self-employed traveler can take a flight from Helsinki to Athens and fly from there to Naxos. Aegean Airlines flies from Athens to Naxos . Another option is to fly to Santorini and continue your journey from there by ferry.

Flights from Helsinki to Naxos cost an independent traveler about 200-500 euros, depending on the airline and the number of stopovers. The price of the ferry trip is 15–60 euros, depending on the company and the speed of the ferry.

Diverse accommodation offer

Naxos is a popular destination and there is no shortage of accommodation. The island has five-star luxury hotels, distinctive boutique hotels, small inn-type venues and campsites. So everyone can find accommodation that meets their requirements. In high season, advance booking is recommended.

Naxos is one of the stops for the popular Greek island jumping. A lot of tourists arrive on the island even without a reservation. There are accommodation pushers in the harbor during the summer, which can be quite tenacious. Some offer good affordable accommodation, but sometimes a traveler can end up far from the center at a hard price. Consideration should therefore be exercised before taking up the offer.

Getting around on site

In the holiday villages, all services are easily accessible on foot. Taxis are also a convenient way to get around destinations.

You can travel to other destinations on the island by local bus. Traveling by bus is cheap, tickets cost only a few euros. Buses run only occasionally between some destinations, so it’s a good idea to check schedules on site.

The most pleasant and easiest way to get around the island is with a rental car. You can rent a car directly from the airport or, for example, from Naxos town center. In August, rental rates are slightly higher than at other times of the year.



The marble Portara Gate rises spectacularly near the port of Naxos.

The city of Naxos

The city of Naxos is also known as Hora. The capital of the island is the busiest tourist destination and offers a lot to see.

The city is worth heading to the district built by the Venetians in the 13th century. In its narrow streets you can still feel the atmosphere of yesteryear. It’s also easy to get lost there. The way back is found when you remember that all the roads up lead to the castle of the Dukes, or Kastro, and all the roads down back to the sea.

The most famous attraction in the city of Naxos is the Temple of Apollo. Its well-preserved gate has become a hallmark of the island. At its most beautiful it is at sunset. Those who want more information about history will enjoy visiting different museums. Worth a visit are, for example, the Archaeological Museum and the Mitropolis Museum District.

The port of Naxos is a lively and lively place to follow the colorful life of the islanders and travelers. There are also taverns around the harbor where you can sit down to eat Greek delicacies.

Sandy beaches of Naxos

The beaches are the best of Naxos. They attract sun worshipers as well as water sports enthusiasts. Some beaches may be congested during the hottest season, but sheltered coves can also be found on the island. With good luck, the quiet cove is available for your use for the whole day.

The busiest and most popular beach on the island is St. Georges Beach in the town of Naxos. There are many hotels and beach bars on the beach, as well as opportunities for a variety of water sports. The beach is shallow and well suited for children.

Agia Anna and Agios Prokopios compete for the title of the best beach in Naxos. Both are fine sand and suitably shallow for families with children. Both beaches have great facilities, but Agia Anna is a little quieter.

The best beach in the southern part of the island is Mikri Vigla. The beach is divided into two parts, so in addition to sun worshipers, the beach can accommodate kite surfers and fishermen.

Zas aka Zeusvuori

The highest point of the Cyclades is found in Naxos. Zas, or the peak of Mount Zeus, rises to just over 1,000 meters.

There are sympathetic little villages on the slopes of the mountain, of which Filoti is the largest in the area. The village has developed slowly compared to the rest of the settlement on the island, so you can get to know traditional Greek life there.

The fishing village of Apollonas

The charming little fishing village of Apollonas in the north of the island is one of the most popular places to visit. There are plenty of hotels as well as quality restaurants.

Apollonas also has one of the most famous marble statues on the island. The 10.5 meter long Kouros is located right at the entrance to the village.

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