Berlin Tip: Tomorrow Night “New Order” At The Electronic Beats Festival & Exhibition

And I still find it so hard /

To say what I need to say /
but I’m quite sure that you tell me /
just how I should feel today /

Tears in the eyes drive me regularly new order. With their verses, their heart Quake sounds and their history. Synth sounds hitting post punk, tragedy on energy, past to present. New rave, which is best under the open sky. Or at the Club, where it was played for the first time. Music, on which you must get involved, because you otherwise missed a sense of nostalgia mixed with euphoria and is effective as a drug.

Is the only elusive joy 1980 Division frontman Ian Curtis, hanged the three remaining band members broke a promise and founded new order – bassist Stephen Morris’s girlfriend Gillian Gilbert joined on keyboards. Songs like “temptation” and “Blue Monday” the English band catapulted to the top and be popped up today on mixtapes. Tomorrow, on June 21, new order at the electronic beats Festival in Berlin are on the stage – what not self-evident is, because by the end of 2011 the ladies and gentlemen from Manchester had abandoned for five years the live business. Tom Chapman replaced bassist Peter Hook, but that the gig at the Tempodrom although obviously quite congenially. Thank you, electronic beats Festival, I could Rainbow vomit with happiness. The belly is already pulls together with sheer anticipation. I mean. We have acid, techno and House and all the stuff that makes us happy and thanks to a part of those guys. In Nova expensive and pioneers that are geniuses! Honestly, I could break before louder hormones in the brain. Who’s way like me: here are nor for the epic concert. Who’s not there creates: a two-week exhibition, starts in the HBC Peter Saville and band photographs by Kevin Cummins’s work will show at the same time.

“New order: an exhibition featuring works by Peter Saville and Kevin Cummins”, 21 June to 04 July 2012,. HBC, Berlin.

To look ’ s in addition to grandiose work of graphic designer legend Peter Saville, who for years made more than thirty works by Kevin Cummins for the album cover of the band. The photographer accompanied the order not only new, but before Joy Division and thus significantly influenced the image of both bands in the public. It itches me in the fingers, because the signed exhibition poster, may move like an exhibition catalogue, as well as a limited edition by Cummins and Saville in my possession.

I put you at the heart of this:

But still go back to the concert tomorrow night: online electronic radiates beats parallel to the show concert excerpts, with Matze and Pierre de pleasure.