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Europe – spring arrival
While the January and July temperature maps show the spatial differentiation of this climate parameter – averaged over a certain period of time in the course of the year – the map of the spring arrival shows the course of an event over time. The beginning of the season is defined by the beginning of the shoots of downy birch, sweet cherry, mountain ash and alpine currant.

The map of the spring arrival refers to the middle beginning of the growing season. The image of the isolines shows a clear south-west-north-east change as well as a striking hypsometric differentiation. On average, spring in Europe moves at a speed of 44 kilometers per day from south to north, at 200 kilometers per day from west to east and is delayed by 3 days for every 100 meters of altitude increase. The earlier the vegetation period begins with the beginning of the shoot, the longer it lasts thermally.

The Mediterranean coasts and maritime Western Europe are particularly favored. Due to the high level of insolation (solar radiation) associated with the southern location and the strong maritime activity, the shoot begins here before March 26th; by mid-April, shoots begin to shoot in south-eastern Europe about south of the 50th parallel. This favored region extends to south-west Ireland towards the Atlantic. The Gulf Stream raises the winter temperatures here to a Mediterranean level.

In Germany, a comparably early start of spring is only given in the Upper Rhine Graben. In large parts of Central Europe, spring begins between April 15 and 25. Only then does the shoot begin to shoot in Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea region. The marginal seas of the North and Baltic Seas, which are very cool in spring, significantly delay the arrival of spring on the coasts. The late start of the growing season in northeastern Europe is largely compensated for by the relatively high summer temperatures; The development phases of the plants are faster than in the cool summer of Western Europe.

In line with the decrease in temperature with altitude, the beginning of spring also extends to mid-May in the low mountain ranges. In high mountains such as the Alps, there are large temporal differences depending on the vertical extent. While spring in the inner alpine valleys, which are thermally favored by their shielding, often begins before April 15, it does not arrive until about four weeks later in the high altitudes above 1500 meters. For more information about the continent of Europe, please check

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