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Samoa is located in the South Pacific, the island state is bordered in the north by the Cook Islands, in the east by American Samoa, in the south by Tonga, in the south-west by Fiji and in the north-west by Tuvalu. Savaii and Upolu are the two volcanic main islands of Samoa, surrounded by coral reefs, the highest point (Mauga Silisili ) reaches 1,857 m.

The capital Apia on Upolu had numerous colonial-style buildings in the past, now the city has a western appearance for the most part. Apia is the politically and economically decisive center of Samoa, here are government buildings and industrial areas. For the vacationer, the museums, the clock tower and the city’s markets are of particular interest. To the west of the city is the Mulinuu peninsula with the Samoas parliament and colonial monuments.

The eastern coast of Upolu is particularly popular with divers, water sports enthusiasts and beach holidaymakers.

A mixture of different peoples lives in Samoa. The main group is made up of the Samoans with more than 92 percent. In addition, 7 percent of the people living in Samoa are Euronesians (descendants of Samoans and European immigrants). Only about 0.4 percent of the people living here are native Europeans. A total of about 5,000 foreigners live in Samoa. Compared to the colonial era, the proportion of foreigners has remained almost the same. Because in the colony of German Samoa there were around 300 Germans and 300 other foreign immigrants for every 24,000 native Samoans.
Today about 220,000 people live in Samoa. The birth rate is 4.2 children per woman. Many Samoans try their luck in other countries and flee the high unemployment in Samoa. Many young people also move away in order to receive a good education at foreign universities. For more information about the continent of Oceania, please check

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Tuvalu 2019

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