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The Chilean war of independence against the Spaniards was decided in 1817/18 by the victory of an Argentine-Chilean army. General O’Higgins, who ruled as dictator from 1818, was overthrown in 1823. Argentina had broken away from the motherland in 1810 and officially declared independence in 1816. Here, too, internal party struggles shaped the development.

Brazil was since 1807 by the Portuguese King John VI. who fled Europe before Napoleon I. When the mother country, now a constitutional monarchy, wanted to renew the colonial relationship in 1821, Johann’s eldest son declared Brazilian independence; as Pedro I. he became Brazilian emperor.

In the former colonial countries, political independence did not result in any emancipation for the population consisting predominantly of Indians, Afro-Americans and their descendants. In the absence of a politically involved, state-supporting population, the thin layer of Creoles of European descent took over the political and economic power of the former colonial powers as well. They continued in the system of the haciendas, authoritarian large estates, on which the owners practically exercised government powers at the local level, from jurisdiction through administration to taxation. For more information about the continent of South America, please check

Topography of Colombia

Topography of Colombia

Columbus, in whose honor the country Colombia was named, never set foot on the soil of Colombia. During the time of the Spanish colonial rule, the country was still called New Granada (Nueva Granada)....

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER.ORG, Buenos Aires is located on the Rio de la Plata and is the capital, political and intellectual center of Argentina. It is one of the largest urban agglomerations in South America...

Venezuela Median Age

Venezuela 2019

Yearbook 2019 Venezuela. On January 23, the President of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, proclaimed interim president of Venezuela. He was immediately recognized by the United States and several countries in the region. But...

Uruguay Median Age

Uruguay 2019

Welfare state and collective state leadership During the period 1830-1903 the country had 25 governments – nine were overthrown by coup and two presidents were assassinated. On several occasions, the two parties reached agreement...

Suriname Median Age

Suriname 2019

ABBREVIATIONFINDER.ORG: Click to see the meanings of 3-letter acronym and abbreviation of SUR in general and in geography as Suriname in particular. Population 2019 According to CountryAAH, the population of Suriname in 2019 was...

Paraguay Median Age

Paraguay 2019

Yearbook 2019 Paraguay. Both President Mario Abdo Benítez and his Vice President and Minister of Finance passed a declaration of confidence on August 20. The declaration of disbelief had been demanded by the largest...

Guyana Median Age

Guyana 2019

Yearbook 2019 Guyana. The vote of no confidence in December 2018 against President David Granger’s government was declared valid by the Supreme Court only in March. But after a report by the opposition to...

Ecuador Median Age

Ecuador 2019

Yearbook 2019 Ecuador. Violent protests erupted after President Lenín Moreno announced in early October that subsidies on fuel prices would be removed. Initially, the transport workers’ union was protesting, but the protests were soon...

Colombia Median Age

Colombia 2019

Yearbook 2019 Colombia. A national general strike scheduled for November 21 was preceded by an increasingly general support for and an increasingly intense protest movement against the government. The strike was organized by the...