Controversy of Sarah Jessica Parker, the Most Sexy Woman

Today I heard a story that can not call “news” because it is from a few months ago. However, I want to review it because I find it interesting. The Maxim magazine, he proclaimed to Lindsay Lohan as the woman most sexy of the planet, also gave an award to the women less sexy in the world. This “award” went on Sarah Jessica Parker.

The truth is that many people say that Sarah Jessica Parker is ugly. The role of Carrie Bradshaw in the series Sexo en Nueva York it not only launched her acting career (which was stagnant, if one day it started), but it gave this woman a fashionista fame and, by extension, pretty, sexy…

Before fans of sex in New York and staunch defenders of this actress is me you throw up, let me say that I love your role in the series and I think that those “defectillos” making little sexy Maxim magazine makes Carrie more human and, above all, give you a great personality. I don’t think that Sarah Jessica Parker is ugly (also has a body of envy) but it is true that its appearance is very peculiar. But this is precisely what, to my mind, makes it beautiful and different.

However, there are also recognize that the story of Sarah Jessica Parker is a bit the of the Ugly duckling: the evolution of his appearance as the series took importance is amazing. It has nothing to do the Carrie Bradshaw (or Sarah Jessica Parker) in the first season with the Carrie (Sarah) of the last. Not only improve the brands of clothing he wears, but her taste in clothing and also its appearance improves a lot, especially the hair.

In a couple of months to debut the Sex in New York movie and, again, we will see Carrie Bradshaw in action. The film, with its super costume studied, will revitalize the fame of Sarah Jessica Parker as fashionista and, again, we hear tell the most critical that “it is a thistle”. What do you think?

By the way, according to Maxim magazine, nor are not sexy Amy Winehouse, Sandra Oh, Madonna Neither Britney Spears. Do you agree?