DoñA Letizia Is Targeting Fashion with Side Stripe Pants

The latest fashion in trousers issue is which sidebars. Doña Letizia, tanto of the latest trends, It has not hesitated to show off ones. A fad that has many followers, but also many retractor, since reminiscent of a chandalero look. The Queen has worn them in a simple and serious look to greet the organizers of the project “Xldesafio. Education and future technology”and the Association of people affected by Cancer of ovary.

Doña Letizia He has premiered outfit for his day’s work at Zarzuela. A simple short-sleeved blue blouse Navy combined the trousers in the same tone, with lateral white stripe of Hugo Boss, one of their favorite companies. A sober and trendy styling.

Combined them with a few simple rooms also in Royal Blue and made of Suede, signed by Nina Ricci, and some lovely earrings low cost of Mango.