East Timor 2019

Yearbook 2019

Timor. In May, the Reuters news agency reported that East Timor was about to become the first in the world to recycle all its plastic. The news was presented after the country, together with Australian researchers, agreed to build a recycling plant in East Timor. The plant, which will use a new technology called Cat-HTR, is estimated to cost US $ 40 million and will guarantee that all plastic is recycled.

On August 30, thousands of people walked the streets to celebrate the nation’s twentieth birthday. It was in 1999 that a referendum was held that gave East Timor independence after 24 years of Indonesian occupation. For the 20th anniversary, the country’s Foreign Minister Dion赤sio Babo Soares had invited Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to ratify an agreement on the maritime border in the Timor Sea where the Greater Sunrise gas field is located.

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In a statement earlier this summer, Babo Soares said that ratification meant a victory for East Timor, which through it achieved not only national sovereignty but also maritime sovereignty.

Earlier in the year, state-owned oil company Timor Group bought out two of the gas extraction project’s key partners – Shell and Conoco Phillips – for $ 650 million, according to Reuters news agency. The acquisition made East Timor the principal owner with over 50% of the shares in Greater Sunrise. A new LNG plant was planned to be built in the country, which aimed to start gas export around 2026.

Population 2019

According to CountryAAH, the population of East Timor in 2019 was 1,293,008, ranking number 156 in the world. The population growth rate was 1.980% yearly, and the population density was 86.9616 people per km2.

East Timor Median Age

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