England Bans Miu Miu Campaign with Mia Goth

With actress Mia Goth (22) for the Miu Miu Prada subsidiary brand, an advertising theme just provides pretty much ADO. So much so that the display is now banned by the British advertising authority. The charge: child pornography.

The English actress Mia Goth for the current Spring collection Miu Miu Prada daughter brand advertises in the controversial campaign. With a belly-free top, Capri pants and grinding pumps, the actress a crumpled bed sheets clothed and lolling Miu Miu bag in hand. She wears little makeup, the lips are slightly open, the view is lascivious.

Miu Miu spring summer 2015 advertising campaign. Cinematic storytelling and the interconnected narratives of three fearless and beautiful actresses empowers Steven Meisel’s latest campaign for Miu Miu. Staring Mia Goth, Imogen poots and marine Vacth in a series of cinematic charts, the images, glimpsed as if through doorways, place the viewer at the heart of a multi-dimensional, multi-room story.

Can you show a young girl so erotic?
After the Lolita-motif in the British ‘Vogue’ was published, advertising standards authority (ASA) received complaints when the British advertising authority. Then the image because of the “sexualization of a childish-looking person” was banned. According to the ASA, Mia Goth effect as would show up in sexually provocative poses and dress a child as an adult. Also the perspective, an open door through which the model can be seen, spice up a voyeuristic feel. Thus, experts classified these advertisements as sexually suggestive.

Prada and Vogue did not understand the excitement
Both the parent company Prada as “Vogue UK” defend against the ASA the indicator, which was staged by Star photographer Steven Meisel (61). The subject was part of a series, that stalking scenes, a PR spokesman for Prada said. Also, the three represented models MIA Goth, Imogen poots (25) and Navy are all age Vacth (24). MIA Goths outfit is also demanding and call out any sexual tonality. The “Vogue” also refers to its audience that is educated enough to appreciate high-quality photographs.

Who is Mia Goth?
It is not the first time that the actress caused sensation with her young Lolita look. In the film drama “Nymphomaniac” (2013) from scandal Director Lars von Trier (59) played the 15-year p., who portrayed by Willem Dafoe (59), engages in a sexual relationship with a significantly older man, Goth. Private is it allied with superstar Shia LaBeouf – who is only six years older than the actress with his 28 years.