ETRO in The Week of The Fashion of Milan Autumn/Winter 2007/08

A curious combination of the courts of the 20’s with the 70s style, resulting elegant and surprising. The proposal of ETRO for the season Autumn/Winter 2007/08 is to take into account.

Pants with clamps and high waist, silk blouses patterned dresses and disco to the roaring twenties. Costumes adjusted but also loose, so that we can choose. A look for contrasts transmitting elegance and sophistication on one hand and comfort Campeche, on the other. A simplicity combined with fanciful and colorful prints.

In short, one of the best collections that we have seen so far of gateways for the coming year which, interestingly and to follow with contrasts, has passed fairly unnoticed. For the time being. Then, I hang up more photographs because I have been really difficult to choose only four.