Get to Know the Gio Antonelli Enamels

Giovanna Antoneli has appeared in novels with very stylish characters. Lawyer Helô was famous for her clothes and her womanish manner in Salve Jorge. Now we have the Clara of the novel In Family with her body and earrings that have already emptied the shelves of many stores and, finally, the beautiful enamels she uses in the chapters of the novel.

Get to Know the Gio Antonelli Enamels

The Gio Antonelli Enamel Collection

This is not the first coalition of enamels that Giovanna Antonelli produces. She launched one last winter, called Emotions, which was also the biggest hit, but the nail polishes had a much saltier price. They cost about $ 16, while the new Sensations collection, also from Hits Speciallitá, costs around $ 4 to 5 reais. Much better not?

With the last release of the collection with the enamel called affliction (a pistachio green tone that the character Clara used a few days ago) the shelf was complete. There are twenty different colors, including, of course, the sales success with more than 2 million units, Cold in the Belly, which is that wonderful blue she has been using since the beginning of the novel.


In addition to Distress and Cold in the Belly, the other colors are: inner peace, dry mouth, dizziness, joy, freedom, happiness, palpitation, tight leg, anxiety, tenderness, shortness of breath, pleasure, tremor, shiver, wellness, thing good, nostalgia and purity. You could see why the new collection is called Sensations, is not it? Now just run to the nearest glaze before they’re done.