Giambattista Valli Designed a Mobile for Nokia

Giambattista Valli He was the head of the firm Emmanuelle Ungaro until in 2005, he created his own House. Since then his name has continued to grow, He was the first to design accessories for mobile and now ventures into the world of telephony in direct offering a reinterpretation of the Nokia 7373.

Nokia was already in itself a flashy phone, part of the collection L’Amour, with a curved shape and a double screen came in two colors, black and pink. So, on the occasion of the week of the Paris fashion designer offers a fully representative of the fashion world mobile phone.

Model in pink comes with a string of pearls and a small golden skull, while the black chain is substituted by a strap and the skull comes in silver. In addition, the phone includes an exclusive tone entitled “Rhodium” and a video with the biography of the designer.

We are faced with the same characteristics of the original phone, including the two megapixel camera, speaker and facility. The phone will be presented at Paris fashion week and cost in Europe approximately 280 euros.