Girl with Down’s Syndrome Starts out as a Model

Madeline Stuart (18) wants to become a model – something, and she has in common with countless girls in the world. What distinguishes the Australian of them, is a gene defect: Trisomy 21 reveals why ‘Disability’ her career not in the way will be Madeleine.

That women and girls with Down syndrome reading can not only the last fashion week in New York, but now also the Australian showed Madeline Stuart. About one and a half years ago, the girl from Brisbane, decided as a typical byproduct of their Gendeffekts to separate from their overweight – by the way. With sports and healthy nutrition, she Meanwhile declined 20 kilos. The result they proudly presents on Instagram.

Madeline is now already Instagram star
Even before it really went off with her career, Madeline dominates the flirting with the camera like a pro. Users appreciate the photos on her account with enthusiastic comments like “She’s so pretty” or “Count to the most beautiful and most inspiring people I’ve ever seen.” After just two days, their Instagram page “MadelinesModeling” was already 100,000 likes, after a week, there were already 13,200 regular followers.

Their disability is “a blessing”
The Australian is proud and pleased when their Before and after photos of fans networks and are divided. And that’s more for exaggerated concern is long no reason, especially Madeleine mother Roxanne finds. In an interview with the U.S. Portal expresses her desire “”: people should save your pity, if she tells them that her daughter trisomy 21 has. After all, she knows: “People can do anything with down’s syndrome.”

First professional model jobs
Madeline made its first step in the model business: was already booked by the garment label “Living Dead Clothing” as a campaign model and is currently looking for an agent. What could be her career still in the way? Madeline didn’t. Their Gene Variant feels about as a “Blessing”, not as an obstacle.