How to Dress Comfortable in the Eternal Holiday Family Meals

After the aftermath of Christmas Eve and Christmas have been thinking about all of the recommendations of looks for Christmas that you have been doing during these days. Almost all are party dresses and primer looks.

But while I was playing with my nieces and nephews bingo or chatted with my family in the eternal post-atracon desktop, I have come to realize that in addition to night looks, these festivals require many looks of the day nothing extravagant and comfortable. Because to be with my family, meet my friends for a coffee or finalize my Christmas shopping, I do not I seen as if it were out in Hello.

I would like some detail more festive (a little more makeup, a jewel more brand new whimsical clothing), but usually I choose comfortable and warm clothes to spend long hours at home. And seeing the latest looks of famous street style, they made equal. We will have to take note for the next few days, that there are still a few family meals ahead.

How they dress the famous Christmas

The basic look of the famous during these dates is clear: boots (perfect for rain and cold), pants jeans (preferably skinny or leggings), and clothing coat, feathered type, sweaters of wool, leather jackets, trench coats and of course, the scarf to avoid catching cold. The Latin Sofia Vergara know how to do it well.

With it we can give the touch of color to our outfit, as does Zoe Saldana.

The youngest, as Ashley Tisdale, dan a rockero touch to your look by selecting military boots and a cap lined with hair, which is also the favorite complement of his deal in High Street Musical Vanessa Hudgens.

Some famous do not renounce wear skirts these days, protecting his legs with half glass, as it does Jessica Szohr. A good way to give a festive touch to your look.

And I’m also the look of LeAnn Rimes, comfortable, but without sacrificing the style.

The waterproof boots they are one of the garments that can not miss these days in our closet, as they are not missing in the of Hilary Duff. Especially if the day we are going shopping a dogs day ago.

Two errors that should not committed

Comfort, Yes, but not at any price. That should not be mistaken sheltered and comfortable garments look excessively large items, as it does Jennifer Lopez.

U forget about make-up, because we’re only going to be with the family. A line in the eye and a bit of Rouge will prevent us exit in pictures with a face of dead as it is the case of Heidi Klum.