How to Reach Destination with Shirt Presentable after Hours of Flight

Because ironing shirts already know: our expert Luis Blas took many discomforts to explain with detail (you’re a good match, Luis). And after hours of travel sat, the shirt made a fan with the accordion type back. For that Thomas Pink has designed The Traveller shirt.

A Thomas Pink shirt is all an acquisition: are internationally renowned for their quality, style and variety. In fact, is the shirt that has become famous to this British, especially after the 2003 brand to launch the service of tailored shirts known as Personally Pink.

Well, Traveller shirt is not from that range but the quality of its cotton double thread makes it very resistant to wrinkles, ideal both for which she can wear as it travels in the suitcase (which by very careful that you’ve been is there inside crushed by ten pairs of socks or Pajamas).

It is a good investment if you’re that goes one hotel to another for work: or you buy a travel iron and irons shirts arriving at the hotel (better go to the Jacuzzi) or you spend a paste in room service so ironing you it. Go-shirt-wrinkled is completely discarded.

In addition, as it is intended for those who cross borders, they have a inside pocket to comfortably carry important documents (passport, list of gifts for the family, tickets to be billed to the company) and keep them safe from thieves.

As you can see in the two pictures, they are classic cut and the variety is in: smooth, striped and Plaid, long blue, pastel colors and white (nor is question to ask for the Moon). They cost 85 euros. Do you have any?