Is The Effect The Best International Showcase of Spanish Fashion Letizia?

A year after becoming the new Queen of Spain, Letizia Ortiz It has learned how sophisticated your style and follow the trend in the rest of Royal houses in Europe, from where there is a clear gesture to modernise the image of the monarchy, trying to adapt as much as possible to the reality of today – apart anachronism. Fashion continues to play a crucial role in its image and Doña Letizia knows how to use it at your service, to such an extent that at times becomes a famous more. Constant discourse in pro to the internationalization of Spanish brands can be found in the Letizia effect its best trick.

Spanish fashion that dress up the reina Letizia

Doña Letizia has finished to become the center of attention, performing representative his job function. Every step taken is analyzed in detail, so it is not surprising that his costume is composed mostly of Spanish fashion. “H.R.H. the” Queen Letizia has always supported, and Spanish fashion designers”, say from” Mango, one of the brands most repeated by Queen.

The reina Letizia with a topknot of Mango

“Doña Letizia is a great support for the national fashion and a magnificent representative of Spanish creativity”

“Fashion is an important economic sector, and this support is very positive,” comment from Lodi, the signing of shoes that debuted a year ago in the looks of the Queen. The fashion industry provides a 2.7% Spanish GDP, according to the economic report of the business of fashion in Spain 2014 and has a turnover of 10.041 million euros, 1.79% of the total of the Spanish industry, according to data from the Ministry of industry, energy and tourism in 2013. The sixth industry than exports in Spain and the fourth that matters most. “We believe that” It is essential that the most representative of our country rely on the Spanish fashion. In addition their fidelity to brands is trusted and is also open to new proposals”.

“It is an honor for any firm to dress a Queen,” according to Modesto Lomba, President of the Association of creators of fashion from Spain (ACME). “Doña Letizia is a great support for the national fashion and a magnificent representative of Spanish creativity. It has always shown a special fondness and sensitivity towards the sector. He supported with his presence the delivery of the I national fashion Awards, and being Princess of Asturias inaugurated also an edition of the fashion week Madrid, gestures that we greatly appreciate”.

The costumes of the reina Letizia we see pass all kinds of brands. Since his inseparable Felipe Varela, who developed years ago in its head Designer, to other companies of low cost such as Mango, Zara and Massimo Dutti. This mix of businesses and brands are very well appreciated. “As a good representative of our country,” says Modesto Lomba, “Made in Spain is essential for your wardrobe, which includes national footwear, design firms and also garments low cost large Spanish groups.” A very successful taking into account decision the importance of our footwear industry, the potential of our design and hegemony Spanish fast-fashion”.

“It is important for Spain the Queen of Spanish firms and at the time to support firms and international as Folli Follie”, according to Eva revolt, Director of communication for the Greek firm of several of the slopes of Letizia Ortiz. This vision is reflected in the costumes of the Spanish Queen, who also choose other brands such as Carolina Herrera, Hugo Boss and Armani.

The international showcase is monarchical

The reina Letizia with a dress of Felipe Varela, Lodi shoes

“It is very important that countries to which the Queen travel as an example of Spanish fashion”

Is a one of the best ‘showcases’ international Spanish fashion Queen Letizia? “Without a doubt”, comment from Mango. “As its agenda, it is international,” a troop from Lodi “It is very important that countries travel will serve as that example of Spanish fashion. Other characters such as actresses, models and singers should have this same support for Spanish fashion when they are with their work and become fashion references either in Spain or internationally”.

Letizia effect is noticeable in sales marks that dresses, coming to run many of these designs in store. All firms emphasize honor posed for them that the Queen can choose their garments, as comment from Lodi, where claim that if “we have noticed an increase in sales although it is difficult to know the exact reasons for this growth”. “The garments that HRH the Queen chooses” arouse interest among many women who, in many cases, want to acquire them”, say from Mango, although they stressed that”for us more importantly prestige that is associated with the fact of H.R.H. The Queen view any models of handle to the possible increase in sales of garments in particular”.

The reina Letizia with slopes of Folli Follie

This increase of popularity and influence has also come to Lodi in this year of collaboration with the Queen. “Yes it has so-called is greater social recognition of the brand, we have noted as” Lodi is more popular since the Queen, along with other familiar faces, have started using our designs”.

“The Queen chooses her wardrobe”

A showcase like this is synonymous with success, so it is the eternal question: how is it possible to get to dress up the reina Letizia? “Is HRH. the Queen who chooses her wardrobe”, according to handle.” What brands should do is a good collection for itself to decide to bring our clothes”. There are all kinds of relationships, a more long-lived, as the Folli Follie: “the Queen has contact with the firm long ago. And she decides what gets,”says Eva revolt; or other more recent the of Lodi, who thanks to the work of public relations of his press office, The Gallery Room accessed the costumes for the Queen. “They have managed to contact with those responsible for this area within the Royal House, who presented the brand informing the ease of Lodi to make footwear as for the Queen, since our models are made artisanally in Spain”.

A style with many pretendientas

People want to dress up as the Queen Letizia and brands know it, since these comments become them. “Right now it is one of the main references of elegance for the Spanish”, say from Lodi.” Many women continue the style of the Queen and seek alternatives to incorporate them to your dressing room and his Shoemaker.” Idea that corroborate from handle: “The Queen there are many clients who admire the style of HRH”.

The reina Letizia with a look of Carolina Herrera New York

“People like to access items that the Queen looks”

“People like to be able to access the clothes that she wears”, according to Modesto Lomba.” Many Queens, princesses and first ladies have become benchmarks of style throughout history. Noteworthy cases of icons such as Jackie Kennedy, Grace of Monaco and her daughter Carolina, Rania of Jordan, or Michelle Obama, which in recent years has become one of the major standards of American design. The garments that the first lady of the United States looks quickly become bestsellers. For this reason, we think that all support the reina Letizia provide to our fashion is very important for the sector”.

What’s special style of the reina Letizia so you can both succeed? “The reina Letizia is an icon right now,” says Eva revolt. “The style of Rania of Jordan. The two are very elegant and set trends.” “The reina Letizia has always had impeccable style, with its own personality, and we are confident that it will continue to maintain it,” according to Modesto Lomba. To handle “HRH Reina Letizia knows perfectly to combine all their looks with elegance”. “In terms of footwear”, comment from Lodi, “Letizia often bet on neutral designs that match the dress. Once has risked with different models but usually has a predilection for shoes stilettos or type simple Sandals whose color combine with the rest of the chosen look”.