Italy Independent, Signing Dream by Lapo Elkann

Italy Independent, the signing of fashion and accessories of luxury that directs Lapo Elkann, grandson of Gianni Agnelli, has just presented his collection for this spring-summer. A collection that we will see more ahead becomes soaked in bright colors and colorful, designed for a man elegant and independent, but above all risky.

Lapo Elkann, combines his work in charge of promotion of FIAT, with the Address of this Italian firm, which owns 69 per cent. Italy Independent according to Lapo maxims, is providing unique items, performed by the best “ artisans of fashion ” Italians. Products that meet technology, materials novedodos as carbon, with buttons sartorial tradition neat and very high quality.

These are the premises with which three years ago started the brand. Lapo Elkann describes its audience as “ people Independent“, “ people who don’t follow fashion ”, but the personal style. One of the goals of the firm is “ do dream of people ”, and selling not just products. In short, create a world of dreams through your clothing and their Add-ins, something that he himself explains in this video.

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The collection for this season was recently presented in the Pitti Uomo Florence, one of the most important men’s fashion fairs in the world, where many brands and designers presented their proposals on different stands. Both the clothing and accessories of Italy Indepedent are manufactured entirely in the transalpine country, something that wants to emphasize its creator well.

The colorful It is the clear protagonist of the collection, we have seen that the trousers are stained from mauves, pinks, Greens, reds, and mustards and the Americans follow the same path, colors very clear and loud, designed for a client who doesn’t want to pass despercibido.


Footwear and accessories continue to occupy an important place within the brand. For this summer Italy Independent reissued moccasins in materials such as Metallized leather and finishes in ostrich (red and white loafers in the bottom picture), with the peculiarity that are Tri-color, something that we have seen in Gucci .


The hats, borsalinos, one of the fetish accessories the great Lapo elkann, make up part of the collection, we have seen them in plain colors and some pictures.

Finally sunglasses that I boot the first collection of the firm do not want do not go unnoticed. Are designed in the same tones that some American and pants, although for me, favorites are manufactured in carbon (bottom photo).

Perhaps in my opinion collection is a little short and too “ jazzy in colorful & #8221;, not suitable for all audiences. Although that is what pursued, exclusive products that only “ come ” to certain customers. The firm has only three years on the market and already sold at more expensive stores in the world.

The points of sale of all these products are detailed on its website. In Madrid for example we can find them in the multiple signature Just One, Jorge Juan and other shops throughout Spain.

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