Lexander McQueen was Abused by His Brother-in-Law!

The late Alexander McQueen (d. 40) had a sad childhood. Now, his sister, Janet revealed that her 15 years younger brother at the age of nine by her violent ex-husband was sexually abused.

Alexander McQueen went through hell – as a child and his sister had noticed anything. Only four years before Alexander McQueen’s suicide, Janet had learned from the misdeeds of her violent ex-husband. McQueen, who was 15 years younger than his sister, was sexually abused by her then-husband since he was ninth. That betrayed them now in an interview with “Times2”.

His sister confession
“I think somehow got Lee (McQueen’s real name, note d. red.) watched as the older sister to me even though I was very weak. But what had to suffer Lee, has shocked me,”Janet says. And further: “I was paralyzed in the second, when I heard what had happened. Can you imagine what it’s like when you so long nothing knew that something bad happened? The breath is increased me. And of course I felt guilty. Who would do that?”

Alexander Mc Queen processed his experiences
Janet believes that her little brother finished the childhood marked by violence with his fashion. He had to see how his sister was brutally beaten by her now ex-husband and as a result suffered its two miscarriages. According to Janet he wanted women dress up later so, that other people “are afraid of them”.

Close ties to his mother
Alexander McQueen was one of six children. He had above all a close bond to his mother Joyce McQueen. The designer got hanged British media reports to order because he could not bear the loss of his mother. A day before her funeral he took his life. McQueen had hanged himself in his London apartment on February 11, 2010. According to the findings of the justice, he had previously taken a drug cocktail.