Little Berlin Party Tip: 3 Everyone. 3 Concerts. Free and Outdoors!

Or should I say: the Wulle Samwel tour is in the starting blocks. The real landmark of Berlin is that actually have no building, no monument or even the Berliner Bar – because our capital loves especially his everyone that can be found in every district. Open 24 hours, 7 days – who was once in Berlin, is fell immediately in the benefits and the operators of the late purchases. Why should you not even relax a moment longer in that place, as the few minutes, stands before the chilled drinks or before the counter waiting for?

Everyone in Berlin are so essential as legendary – reason enough, the beloved places at last a bit more attention and to let the beer Mecca of cigarettes chewing gum has become the Club! Said than done: is on June 2’s where: the late purchase concert tour celebrating their Spatial culture with Flashmobcharakter and dance music: the “Korina Samwel tour”.

Let’s go Friedrichshain district across from the RAW site, “where THE merge GECKO synth, bass, guitar, drums and vocals to a rousing genre-mix can be”. Second celebration destination is the Samy in Kreuzberg, where you meet the wild boys of the Berlin Band CHUCKAMUCK a sporty walk. Refreshingly authentic indie-pop hits rock’ roll – also here dance should be swinging of course.

That was not everything but still long, because also the third location is marked red in the late purchase concert tour calendar: the “thence”. The double-decker bus on the Görli who masquerades as a kiosk, promises music by MC FITTI and the most popular confetti.

image via thence.

Always yet fully who not the nose following the whole pressing plant, which should swing his wriggling legs like a to the after show party in the soju bar and diligently continue Groove.

Is an alternative to the usual Feierei’s always, promises hiking mood and sportiness. The weather should hold and who may engage in the slightly different concert tour, which marks tomorrow simply have time fix in the calendar. We think there should be such actions in each city – or not?

Presents the whole thing by the way of „ Wulle beer “ and the Berlin radio station FluxFM.