Mido 2016: More New Glasses for Next Season

Live from Mido in Milan, the exhibition dedicated to sunglasses, the 21 brand newest available. Keep an eye on them if you want to impress!

Mido 2016 More New Glasses for Next Season

Love the sunglasses absurd, strange, Giants or go crazy about those minimal, design, that’ll surprise for their craftsmanship? We are ready to tell you all, but all the newest, coming in for next season. Here is our report from Mido, the biggest international event related to the world of eyewear this year presents to the entire world, satellite Design Lab area dedicated to designers more daring, another dedicated area, the MORE!, a veritable laboratory of ideas. Here’s what she had to impress more …


They are suited to Cosmoriders and named 8000 as the copies produced of each model, in limited edition. The brand was founded of 2014 and the collection is inspired by the mountaineers of 1930, traveling to unexplored frontiers. Obsessive attention to detail in these eyeglasses 70s 80s 90s made in Italy, which mentions in the model in the form of a mineral glass lens mascherinacon ultra-flat and the stainless steel frame.


For all those who love art. The ArTchitecture collection is inspired by the relationship between art, architecture and nature. With a strong aesthetic impact the steel front, which now covers the lashes with geometric designs. Beautiful wooden inlays: briarwood, ebony, teak, walnut and oak. At Mido introduced the limited edition inspired by the Irish architect Eileen Gray: produced in only 100 copies. The front is round, and again wins a game of empty and full data from a steel chassis, integrated with Cork and a gold leaf.


The brand was born in Paris but the designer has Belarusian roots and studied automobile design in Italy, thanks to a scholarship from Audi, before devoting all his inspiration in his collections of glasses, able in just two years to win the attention of buyers came from all over the world. His is a truly contemporary project that has proven capable of fusing retro-futuristic sensibility and taste. The pieces of the collection are designed around the effect pixel, with a design inspired by the game of Tetris.


For all those who want to feel a real model. Launched at Mido just a year ago, the international network of model management, leader in the world but signed by Italians Sabrina Regé Turo and Irene Bacci, combine acetate and metal, alternating with more colors and finally devote proper attention also to the line from view after giving priority to the sole. In April will fly at the fair in New York and Paris in September will be their stage.


The Italian brand that bears the signature of designer Stefano Scauzzillo presents in Milan the collection that will be sold only from the next exhibition in Paris. Vince skewness, presented in six colours WINS cellulose acetate combined with flat lenses mounted externally, wins a lens that does not “respect” its frame. For all women.


Are the brand that puts the natural feathers (pheasant, goose and Guinea fowl, ED) inside of the glasses.Colored feathers, and combined with accessories. But they are also famous for the plexiglass and woodworking: at Mido presented a capsule of unique pieces, crafted by an artisan French, capable of applying floral decorations on sheets of Plexiglas and put everything inside the frames of a pair of glasses. The color chart? Green, red, black and crystal. For women a bit naive.


Are the coolest eyeglasses around the Mido. Her designs inspired by the unforgettable Japanese masks.Creativity is Konstantin Shilyaev, chart, success and now designer stylist. In his glasses there is a French design, modern Japanese architecture, the vanguard of Belgian designers and love for electronic music and the work of Kubrick. WINS with its hyper-geometric shape: square or round perfectly. The choice is yours.


The top model of presenting Armani at the fair we saw catwalk during men’s fashion week. A precise aesthetic vision, stylish but not only. The front horn is enriched by the blinkers of black nylon injected.The iconic logo is laser-engraved, discreetly inside the metal bridge. Clare retro impression you want to give. For an androgynous woman.


Are not simple glasses but real works of design those signed by Belgian MARC DELAGRANDE, and Michel Henau. An artist and an optical capable of creating contemporary pure objects capable of leaving you speechless. A collection full of avant-garde aesthetic typical of Belgium degli anni ‘ 70, we find at Mido but see it especially in the streets of major metropolises around the world. For a cosmopolitan woman.


It’s a game to create this brand. A bet won by Antonello Cauldrons. In the name the mission: Kime in Greek means wave and ever word was best suited to convey the idea of energy and movement that we find in every model of eyewear present in collection. Born in Altamura in 2013 and today are designing and creating spectacles that the whole world envies us. Are the those of Emma Brown, of Skin, by Chiara Ferragni and Sadia. The flagship model? The hexagonal frame penta-supported by bridges and metal rods. For pioneers nate …


His is a pure handicraft, preferably asymmetrical that gives us design accessories. It research condensed into a model that also manages to be glamorous and comes from Japan, namely Kawanda district.Exclusive models, essential style cuts. He’s sober but gritty and shocking pink pattern you see is the best proof. Very Cosmos!


They are young, rather young, have ten months and arrive from Desenzano del Garda. The signature is the designer Alessandro Bianchini which creates both glasses for men and women and at Mido presents a eccentric version, inspired by the diamond, managing to remain versatile. Perfect for anyone who loves to have a good looks.


Are veterans from dates, search eyewear fair, staged in Milan a few months ago and they speak Italian despite its name. The designer, Venezuelan sources is Gabriel Hernandez but in the collection there is also the hand of his sister Valentina. Are contemporary glasses but they have a great deal of attention to environmental sustainability. The inspiration clearly vintage is combined with geometric minimalism typical of contemporary art and the use of transparency is the most obvious consequence. The round forms coexist wonderfully with polygonal elements in shell, embedded in the front. Eco-chic!


The glasses signed by Assaf Raviv was born from a team effort with the designer Ron Arad, author among other thousand his collaborations, furniture of the Bauhaus Museum in Tel Aviv. Their glasses are innovative to say the least: they look like a game, are soft but redefine eyewear, choosing geometries that only 3D printing can offer. Lightweight, with no zipper, any joints or screw and completely flexible, as aste. For active women.

Dagger & Nyleve

The brand was founded Udine as late as 2013 and bears the signature in every single pair of glasses by designer Emanuele dagger. The Eastern one is their main market and after Mido in Milan will be the fairs in Paris and Hong Kong to turn the spotlight on the latest collection presented. It is research that is product of excellence, is medical carbon, what is usually implanted in the human body, to become an object of design, unique piece, after being casted. Or is it gold-plated steel and coated with a goccia concept combined with the finest calf leather. Is for you if you love research.

RIA Keburia by Fakoshima

Each new collection created by the famous Georgian designers Ria Keburia, currently in Paris, becomes an event. And precisely so I glasses born from the collaboration with Fakoshima: explosives, avant-garde, as well as being able to influence trends in 2016. It is a reference to a childhood that was lively and tangible is spontaneity, which translates into unisex glasses. Are forms that resemble children, buildings are eyeglasses with eyebrows or cat-like ears. Don’t have a logical, are opaque and glossy, iridescent pastels are, too. For those who want it all.


They were mere collectors of vintage glasses Jean Marc Virard Kwa you before you decide to create their own brand, born from passion and love for craftsmanship and research of raw nobles, as the Buffalo Horn, element that distinguishes them. Are not mere objects but are glasses from “care” like han advised to do in Leonardo Di Caprio with her beautiful figure. Glasses to care for, in fact, every three months using the cream for the grain. Keep their distance from mass production. Seeing their eco-friendly way to make practical, comfortable and able to be spectacles of design.


It is the last artisan can work with the ancient Japanese technique «Edo Kinwaku», dating back 350 years ago. A technique that allows to pack no more than ten glasses per day. About thehaute couture of glasses, true works of art, studied on the face of each person who are declined in brass, wrought iron, gold and silver. A jewel more than a pair of glasses.

Sabine be

The Parisian designer Sabine Be, arrives from Silmo in Paris with a second place which earned the applause of the majority of insiders. For two years you hear of her in every corner of the globe. America, Australia and South Africa its reference markets. We speak of stainless steel medical and acetate glasses, presented in Lab Academy, in more hits you can imagine. “I love this creative mental niche,” said an enthusiastic Sabine talks about his experience in Milan. For quirky ironic.


Are the glasses that Kate Moss in Formentera bought stocks, chosen by Santarelli, from Cucinotta, by Enzo Maines, Cracco and Callahan. Put all agree because Italians of taste and because more accessible and then “pop” and why behind have an idea who develop collection after collection. A lifestyle more than a pair of glasses, a kaleidoscope of emotions in light or ultralight metal nylon version. For celeb addicted.


Arriving from New York but the idea from Paris and made much fanfare in Milan. Their glasses are mostly marble and wants things to be as they seem: simple, pure, and meticulously realized, like a timeless piece of music. Inspired by the ‘ 60 and ‘ 70, rock scenes of those years, and combine all the most advanced production techniques. For their advertising campaign don’t use models but ordinary people with their own style, people who have learned a trade. They love what they do. They see the art in everything. By the way, we had to point out one thing: are eyeglasses with a soul. For women rock!