Navy Blue Blazer: Imperative in Your Closet

Last week we mentioned some of the “must haves” most important that you saying you don’t miss this summer. It’s clothes that are trendy and that each season mark the trend all gateways.

A good Navy Blue Blazer will never be a “must have” season, rather it is something basic, essential in any masculine wardrobe It prepares. This year it is reinterpreted to become one perfect garment, ideal to combine it with many styles, from an All Star to a classic nautical.

A good American will always be a great investment. It is important to notice in the fall having, at how it sits in the shoulders and in what way it can deform and pick up more or less wrinkles. Everything will depend, obviously, of the price and also of the Material in which it is made.

This season we will find them in different Blue, Although most classical tonality is in Marino, a color that we have already seen how is proclaiming the authentic sedcuctor of this summer.
As every year, become the amaericanas of 100% linen, a woven light and fresh but of easy wrinkle, especially if the are going to use on a daily basis.

The of cotton, on the other hand, retain their appearance better and less wrinkle. Proposed Massimo Dutti pictured above is a good choice. If you look the patch Pocket (open) breaks a bit with the formality of this garment, and transforms it into something more “ sport & #8221;.

And what of the versatility that it carries. It supports many combinations, jeans, Chinese, and even Bermuda (bottom photo). Below we can always put him a shirt in light shades, sweatshirt that give us something colorful or a short sleeve pique polo. Best of all is that this garment does not carry leaflet and we can use it as best we.

Ideally, you try to several before deciding by a concrete. You are more classical, or more casual you will always be in your wardrobe as something essential and best of all is that you will get you the most, for both day and night. Don’t you have yours yet?