No Rebates from Zara, a Disappointment for All

Some of the sales most anticipated are the of Zara. The brand of Inditex Group is responsible for block 6-day its website announcing that starting from 00: 00 h start their cuts. Everything ready and prepared to then take a big disappointment.

The Group Inditex It is the only one that does not advance its sales before January 6. This is its policy, completely respectable and over work. All the Group brands, Zara It is going to the head. All adore their clones, their variety of collections, their clothes… but not so much their prices, even so, buy.

Funny thing comes when the anticipated day arrives, now 7, 00: 00 h and all are going to buy online these booties, that dress or pants that we like and prefer to buy on sale for its high price. There comes the disappointment, the result are discounts of 5 or 10 euros in the majority of winter collection garments, more expensive garments come to the 20 euros least, we find garments without lowering that they are considered to be suddenly new collection. Super discounts are in garments of other season to 50%, what I call ‘remains’.

Takes place every year, do not learn, too… it is clear that Mr. Amancio wants to further enrich themselves or become high-end Zara. What is the solution? Not it is… but reading the disappointment of many users on social networks, among which I include myself, are going to leave it in a “rebates are no longer what they were” in some stores. That Yes, within two or three weeks, it’s when they start the actual sales of Zara. the big question is why are not from the beginning?