Outfit Of The Day: Ice Cream Inspired Coffee Break With The ASV Crew

My new favorite combination is something that I have always notsure 100 percent whether I come across too many summer happiness hormones by atypical for me, or if mine really are: Strawberry – flirts with BlackBerry – and is covered by Marajuca ice – (un) due to is perfect lemon sorbet and ice cream on the feet. That at least was the project this morning – the longer I think though about it, the more bescheuerter I’m feeling. Well, that Nike and I consider us humor above all, always with an oversized large portion, like to try something, to end then but again not quite know whether we find now succeeded in the experiment or less.

But the way it is with the own appearance. While Nike today enjoy Office-free zone, I trusted the judgment of our ASV colleagues so and you pleaded for a vote among our readers. Where do you if not otherwise already so diverse opinions, here? The coffee next door was used so unceremoniously to the snapping and you may decide now: too much ice cream sundaes in an outfit or completely successful interpretation of summer, hmm?

I’m wearing my newest acquisition of the House of Levi by the way ’ made & crafted, a Claret trousers by American Apparel, the ancient Turnschuhchen by Hilfiger and my new beloved weekday coat, is to buy the still in bright blue and white. The little fingers were this morning in all color mood by the way with Manhattan x only painted Nail Polish in number 5 and 3 – fits most definitely to the sundae-feeling (you can see it took over with me).