Outfit: Weekday Twins and Favorite Pieces of Rodebjer

Friends of the night, we are very encouraged by all the impressions, a little sleepy of course also, but above all a little bit proud. Actually gets taught Yes, humility to exercise, but I think sometimes you may Pat themselves on the back. And the best friends either way. : You’re the best Sarah Jane.

I think it’s called the also Ying & Yang friendship or something in the article

Sometimes I don’t even know how we do it, but somehow we do it, at least until now, to get all important things under a hat: press for the final show of the University of the arts, MCM, columns here and there, editor in Chief at district MTV, bread & butter, fashion week. Everything works only, because we are not only partners in crime, but girlfriends. For 16 years. There you can even whine, take in the arm, comfort or distribute high fives. And it’s worth gold. But it is very important: all this would be impossible without you. Thank you and thank you, world.

To celebrate of the day we have thrown us so a little bit in Bowl. And weekday is one of our most loyal companion in the fashion circus, gave her’s a little surprise for the fashion week for both of Jane’s, namely complete outfits. As someone has observed probably, how long we already to the pants and the sweater by Rodebjer, one of the brands, which is available also in the weekday stores are sneaking around. Great joy and thank you

There you go:

Blazer, top, shoes: weekday / / pants: Rodebjer via weekday

And here comes my outfit, including shred jacket, my Herzjunge is creepy, I, however, very smart – inexplicably. Forgive’s me

Denim jacket: weekday / / sweater: Rodebjer / / silk pants: weekday / / shoes: weekday / /

In friendly cooperation with weekday