Photo Shoot: Through Zurich with MCM

We had it last week already announced: MCM sent us together with the latest collaboration in the luggage for a photo shoot right through Zurich, with you and the “eyes on the horizon” designed by Craig & Karl collection under the arm the city to explore and to hold the whole thing visually. At 40 degrees in the Sun, we moved during the day from spot to spot to reward us at the end of the day with a dip in the Lake of Zurich.

We are die-hard fans of Zurich since last Friday anyway, had the best weather and not the wrong clothes in the luggage for once. There you go: our photo shoot for MCM from Zurich!


Spot 1: the Munster bridge

right beside the Munster Court you will find him already: the most beautiful views of the Lake of Zurich. Logically, that we knipsten from the Munster bridge.


Spot 2: St. Peter’s Church


schuckelig colorful streets through went also been afloat continues to the next spot: to the St. Peter’s Church.

Spot 3: Sprungli


When coffee meets on cake and being located in the street, then you will have landed almost certainly in Swiss traditional Sprüngli. We are since then is still slightly shocked by the Zurich prices: A water + a Coke + two ice cream Café = 38 euro. You can treat yourself to otherwise nothing!


Spot 4: Jelmoli


Next on Bahnhofstrasse until to the next spot: Jemoli shopping paradise for all those who are traveling with well-filled wallets. We however remained at the front door and shooteten at the intersection – the weather had to be exploited eventually.

Spot 5: Josef


In the West of the city we found a significantly more relaxed Zurich then: all around the gasometer Street sweet colourful houses lined up and lead us directly to the next spot: bar Joseph, her charm even after Berlin should take.

Actually we could not quite stop with the Knipserei and as mentioned above, went own reward at the end yet to the Zurich.