Photo: Take All Clothes Home With Which You Can Carry In Your Mouth On The Mavi Store Berlin

And 3 priority access card! There is this not-quite-serious rule: you may also keep everything you licking on. The one or other is of sure heard, if did not even use. Something similarly bizarre must be shot also MAVI through the head, as it was a small event for the Berlin store off the ground to stomp. There is next Thursday ALL YOU CAN EAT in the Mavi store in Berlin!

You are therefore invited to eat the store empty and you everything possible to stuff in his mouth. As it looks right? The first 100 people who stand on the 26.04.2012 at store opening at 10:00 before the Mavi store, may be carried free all Mavi collection supplies from the store, which can hold without the help of the hands with the mouth. Sounds very pretty stupid, is in any case a really fun idea. So her before embracing but not on the day before the doors, to also be the 100, we are giving away 3 priority access cards, which you is guaranteed to 100 lucky and can fill your mouth to your hearts content with denim.

, There is no limit other than the size of your mouth: no matter how many T-Shirts, trousers or jackets – everything that fits in the mouth, is free! How you can join? You tell us you just see this post, why you have to win and it lands in the Los. The random number generator decides next Monday at 6: 00 the three lucky winners of the coveted cards may call their own!

And so the whole thing might look like on Thursday in Berlin:

Go is worth but also if you may not participate in the feeding frenzy, as for everyone else, there is a 25 Euro voucher (without minimum purchase value), directly in the connection to the ‘ALL YOU CAN EAT”-event in the 26.04.12 and only between 11.00 – 13:00 can be redeemed.

Preparation course compliant?

So if you have time and the inclination to want to name a few pieces of the Turkish label, your own then you should make it clear that you have time to show off your winning priority access cards on Thursday at 9: 00!

For all onlookers’s here along:
MAVI store Berlin, 3-5 new Schonhauser Strasse, 10178 Berlin