Resort 2017 10 Looks We Want to Memorize

In November, if we meterologisch seen just before the onset of winter and our muckelige wardrobe have long rummaged from the depths of the Cabinet, manner we also already again a matter of course after daylight saving time. For these and other earth-shattering things, there are resort collections aka cruise collections, which have long kept moving into the annual fashion calendar. After the official launch of the winter collections in August, the consumer alarm rings so already back in November, and therefore just in time for the holiday period, all those who make it properly for the season and take rice from.

Were once these intermediate collections mainly for the rich and also we Flash still richer this world designed as we can but even in this country in no longer rely on the weather forecasts and layering rules are filed annually, now with pretty wide-eyed to the holiday honey of the great houses. This year’s us done especially ETRO. Wiesoweshalb why? Therefore:


pattern mix par excellence! We need such a VEST to do: grow hair and chocolate brown color! Can a jeans end up more beautiful? I don’t think so. Cries out for a DiY. For all those who have a knack for it!


Always a good idea: socks + sandals and brooches!


Crocheted details make blouses with bib.


Striped Shirts go clear anyway, already. But to marry them with floral patterns, she makes even more beautiful. Narrow-minded and just but not stuffy: Sonya Rykiel shows such as are you. Pink + short stripes suit pants


Layering at the denim special looks like? Quite clear: with rough top leather, of course.


This coat and these shoes! A mix of Celine’s Babouche and Miu Miu ballerina model. Favorite ensemble of Jil Sander


Head-to-toe in red. Can do!