Shopping Catalogs and Price of Jimmy Choo for H & M

Now is less to reach stores the collection of Jimmy Choo for H & M and we are all eager to be able to check closely whether the designs of Tamara Mellon for H & M they are so extraordinary and women such as the of Jimmy Choo, and if the clothes, because you know there not only shoes, but handbags, accessories, dresses, jumpsuits, jackets, pants and leggings, is really worth.

We’ve seen them in photo, we said we are those who apparently will assert the penalty, and the day November 14 There is no time for doubts: should arrive, run and attack (by the way, b-log Think Up mango was an interesting survey on different types of buyers, go to say!).

So here’s a second round of designs, and this time, with the built-in price so you go making beads…

Outfit 1.

Sequin top: 79, 95

Shoulder bag: 79,95

Musketeer boots: 199

Leather and studded Bangle y double round leather strap: 29,95/19, 95

Outfit 2.

Dress fringe blazer: 199

Of zebra wallet: 79,95

Sandals with metal inlay: 99

The latter is one of my favorite pairs, but those heels are deadly. I have my serious doubts about that first thing that fly are ballerinas, as much as the shoes are too exaggerated in height. Although the logical thing is to pull to the practical, and embark on the plane.

A dancers like these which will cost 59.95.

But isn’t it a shame that for a time in life that we can do with sandals so, we cut for comfort? It will be necessary to activate chip wedding or party and as an excuse the “special occasion” factor… (red Sandals: 79.95).

Asymmetric dress, 199; Leopard print shoes, 99; Earrings, 19,95.

This wrap dress black I love long sleeve, it costs €99.

And this leather jacket you don’t have bad paint either. Is your price? 199 euros.

Here, the vest false skin, cuesta 79.95; the dress Blue, 199; the Cardigan, 99; the belt, 49.95 and the Metallized leather shoes with zipper (precious), 99.

This is one of my favorite proposals within the extensive catalogue that offers us the Swedish firm, clutch hard plastic in Fuchsia intense. Is not dirt cheap (49.95), but I love it.

It would be perfect for partying with this napa asymmetrical dress (199 euros).