Silichi, Belarus

According to wholevehicles, the Silichi ski center in Belarus is essentially a year-round resort. In winter, skiers and snowboarders come here to ride on the slopes among the thicket, and the rest of the time it is an outdoor recreation center. There are only three slopes in Silichi, but they are all well-groomed and equipped with lifts, there is a snow park, an ice rink (open and closed), hotels, restaurants and the famous wood-burning saunas. The infrastructure is not as luxurious, of course, as in European resorts in the Alps, but the prices for holidays here are many times lower.

How to get to Silichi

You can get to Silichi by car or by suburban bus from Minsk. The first option: we leave Minsk along the Vitebsk highway (M-3) towards Logoisk. Before reaching it, at the turn to Zhodino we turn right. Then we follow the sign to the Republican ski center “Silichi”.

Suburban buses No. 251 and 350 Minsk – Logoisk go to the resort from Slavinsky Bus Station (Slavinsky St., 18) to the stop. RGC Silichi. They leave Minsk at 9:35 and 13:25 (an hour on the way), the fare is 10.05 BYN. Minibuses Minsk-Logoisk also make a stop near Silichi. Departure every 20 minutes from the parking lot near the shopping center “Dana-Mall” (st. Peter Mstislavets, 9) from the side of the National Library. The prices on the page are for June 2021.

Silichi Hotels

The ski complex offers for accommodation the hotel of the same name and a cottage village for 12 houses.

The hotel has 30 rooms, from double to quadruple. They are equipped with everything you need: TV, shower, refrigerator, mini-bar, air conditioning, Wi-Fi. The cost of living in a double room is from 60 BYN.

Cottage houses are like fabulous buildings. Here you can have a good rest with a company or with your family. Ten houses are designed for two, two – for four guests. The cottages have a living room, a bathroom and a bedroom. There are different layouts, so you can choose what suits you best. Guests also receive a refrigerator, TV, shower, Wi-Fi.

A double cottage costs 103 BYN per day, a four- bed cottage costs 150 BYN.

Tracks and infrastructure

There are three ski slopes in Silichi with a length of 650 to 920 m. There is a separate one for snowboarding at 270 m. All of them are equipped with a chairlift. Beginners learn on the training track – it is the shortest, 120 m. There is a ski lift. In addition, there is a special track for snowmobiling – more than 2 km of white stripe.

The trails are maintained in good condition, the system of artificial snowmaking works. In the evenings, the roads are illuminated. Here you can rent the necessary equipment and equipment – from skis to rollerskis and ATVs. The center is also open during the summer. There is no snow, but you can play tennis, football, volleyball or streetball. And, of course, spend time on Lake Lesnoy with barbecue and fishing.

And in Silichi you can order a course of wellness treatments for fatigue and stress. It is especially good for extreme sportsmen, as it helps to recover from injuries of the musculoskeletal systems. The duration of the courses “Grace”, “Breathe easily”, “Tone”: from 7 to 12 days.

Ski passes

Access to the lifts is restricted to ski pass holders only. 1 lift costs 8 BYN, ski pass for 1/2/3 hours: 14/18/21 BYN on weekdays and 24/30/32 BYN on weekends. A whole day on the slope – 45 and 55 BYN, respectively. Ski passes for children under 12 are 2 times cheaper.

Ski pass price from 22:00 to 1:00: 25 BYN.

You can ski on the training track by purchasing a “full” ski pass (valid on all slopes) or by using a separate pass for 10 BYN per hour on weekdays and 12 BYN on weekends.

Rental and instructors

Ski equipment can be rented on site. The prices are reasonable: a ski set (skis, boots, poles) will cost 23 BYN on a weekday (27 BYN on weekends), a snowboard set (board plus boots) – 23 BYN and 27 BYN, respectively. You can also take separate items of equipment, cross-country skis (20 BYN), tubing (10 BYN) and sleds (3 BYN per hour).

An individual two-hour lesson with an instructor will cost 60 BYN, for a group of 2 people – 45 BYN, from 4 – 30 BYN.

The shops

In “Silichi” you can buy clothes necessary for skiing or snowboarding, as well as souvenirs. From the latter – products from straw, cockerels, dolls, carved wooden sculptures, maple and linden spoons, earthenware, whistles, lace, as well as products from Belarusian linen – towels, shirts.

Cuisine and restaurants

The ski center has several restaurants and cafes. Restaurants are small, cozy, with a varied menu. You can choose delicious dishes of national cuisine. You can come here with your family or a large company. Prices are reasonable – dinner will cost 300-400 Russian rubles.

Cafes are a great way to grab a quick bite. Hot tea, coffee, pancakes, barbecue, German mulled wine – everything you need for a skier chilled in snowdrifts. After such a dinner, you can conquer snow-covered trails with renewed vigor.

Entertainment and attractions “Silichi”

There is not much entertainment in the ski center. Most of them are associated with the conquest of snowy peaks. Skiing, snowboarding, wellness treatments are the basis of the entertainment program in the winter. But in the warm season it is worth coming to Silichi to be on the Forest Lake.

This is a popular summer holiday destination, which is famous for its scenery, fresh air and clear water. Guests are provided with everything necessary for an exciting pastime – gazebos, barbecue equipment, sun loungers and much more. Another important fact: amateur fishing is allowed on Lesnoye Lake. The bite is good here, so there is sometimes no end to fans of fishing rods and spinning rods.

2 things to do in Silichi

  1. Learning to ski, snowboard, quad bike, etc. is strange, but many tourists leave home without having mastered the rules of skiing. For two or three days they wallow in the snow and simply lose time. Do not follow their example. In “Silichi” you can easily learn to ride with an instructor. During the week you will master skiing and snowboarding. And the rest of the fun will be a bonus.
  2. Go to the bathhouse – if you are sent to the bathhouse in Silichi, then be sure to agree and specify the way. Because the local baths are extremely good. Steam rooms are greeted with the smell of wood and fragrant birch brooms, and a small pool will allow you to relax and forget about problems.

Silichi, Belarus

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