State Route 30, 31, 33 and 35 in Florida

Florida State Route 30

Get started Pensacola
End perry
Length 283 mi
Length 456 km

According to Watchtutorials, State Route 30 or State Road 30 (SR-30) is a state route in the U.S. state of Florida. State Road 30 is largely the administrative number for the western portion of US 98 and is almost never signposted. State Road 30 coincides with US 98 from the Alabama border at Pensacola to Perry. The route is 456 kilometers long, but only a 22 kilometer section west of Panama City is separate from US 98.

Travel directions

See also US 98 in Florida.

State Road 30 coincides with nearly all of US 98 between the Alabama border at Pensacola and Perry. The route follows the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico through the Florida Panhandle. Along the beach resorts west of Panama City, US 98 follows the Back Beach Road, while State Road 30 follows the Front Beach Road, a route along the beach, with a row of hotels between the road and the beach. State Road 30 here is a two-lane road.


According to Citypopulationreview, with the 1945 renumbering, the Florida grid was created, with odd routes forming east-west routes and every 10th state road following a primary route. State Road 30 thus coincides with US 98. On the stretch west of Panama City, US 98 is administratively numbered as State Road 30A, while State Road 30 itself follows a separate route.

Florida State Route 31

Get started Fort Myers Shores
End Arcadia
Length 36 mi
Length 59 km
Fort Myers ShoresArcadia

State Route 31 or State Road 31 (SR-31) is a state route in the U.S. state of Florida. The road forms a north-south route in southwest Florida from Fort Myers Shores to Arcadia. The road is 59 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The State Road 31.

State Road 31 runs between State Road 80 at Fort Myers Shores and State Road 70 at Arcadia. The road leads through no other place in between and leads through a sparsely populated agricultural region with plantations, meadows and swamps. The road runs parallel to Interstate 75 for some distance.


State Road 31 was created in 1945 as a north-south route within the Florida grid. The road has always run between Fort Myers Shores and Arcadia, but the southern part has been modified, originally the road eastwards from Fort Myers Shores, in 1960 the Wilson Pigott Bridge opened over the Caloosahatchee River, moving State Road 31 to the current starting point at State Road 80.

Traffic intensities

Approximately 5,000 vehicles use the road daily, with somewhat higher intensities around 9,000 vehicles at both ends at Fort Myers Shores and Arcadia.

Florida State Route 33

Get started Lakeland
End Mascot
Length 43 mi
Length 69 km
LakelandPolk City



State Route 33 or State Road 33 (SR-33) is a state route in the U.S. state of Florida. The road forms a north-south route in Central Florida, from Lakeland to Mascotte. The road is 69 kilometers long.

Travel directions

State Road 33 between Groveland and Polk City.

State Road 33 begins in Lakeland, also the largest town on the route. Lakeland is a somewhat larger town, State Road 33 begins here on US 92 and US 98 and crosses Interstate 4 on the north side of town. In Lakeland, the road has a four-lane section, but State Road 33 is mainly a single-lane road elsewhere. The stretch from Polk City to Groveland passes through a sparsely populated area west of the Orlando region. The last part from Groveland to Mascotte coincides with State Road 50 and is a 2×2 divided highway.


The original State Road 33 of 1945 was a little longer and ran from Lakeland to Okahumpka, just south of Leesburg. The part from Mascotte to Okahumpka later became a county road.

Traffic intensities

Every day 30,000 vehicles travel in Lakeland, 15,000 vehicles to Polk City and about 8,000 vehicles on the route to Groveland. The double numbering with State Road 50 to Mascotte counts 26,000 vehicles per day.

Florida State Route 35

Get started Punta Gorda
End Silver Springs
Length 179 mi
Length 288 km

State Route 35 or State Road 35 (SR-35) is a state route in the U.S. state of Florida. State Road 35 is largely an administrative and unsigned number for a number of US Highways that form a north-south route through the interior of the western peninsula, from Punta Gorda through Lakeland and Dade City to Silver Springs. Much of it coincides with US 17, US 98 and US 301. Only the northernmost 17-kilometer stretch between Belleview and Silver Springs near Ocala forms an individual route. The entire administrative route is 288 kilometers long.

Travel directions

SR-35 past Ocala.

State Road 35 begins as US 17 in Punta Gorda on Florida’s southwest coast. State Road 35 follows US 17 for 119 kilometers to Bartow. The route then follows the US 98 for a length of 61 kilometers to Dade City. This section passes through the city of Lakeland. Two short sections in Bartow and Lakeland run separately from US 98. SR-35 then follows US 301 for 84 kilometers to Belleview.

From Belleview, State Road 35 is an individual route for 17 kilometers to Silver Springs, an eastern suburb of Ocala. This section runs largely through built-up areas and is a 2×2 divided highway with many intersections and yard connections. State Road 35 ends in Silver Springs at State Road 40.


In 1945, Florida’s road network was renumbered creating a grid in which all x5 routes formed a primary north-south route. Due to the presence of the US Highways, these frequently coincide.

The portion of State Road 35 that does not coincide with US Highways has been upgraded to 2×2 lanes in the 21st century. First, in 2011, the northern 9 kilometers along Ocala were widened to 2×2 lanes. In 2018, another 6 kilometers of the center section followed, which connected to an eastern bypass of Belleview.

Florida State Route 35

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