Stella McCartney Is Refusing to Use Models Size Zero

Within the controversy created by all regulations or attempts at regulation are performed around the large global fashion weeks, the British designer Stella McCartney is the first to set an example.

When we all thought that even to fashion week in London had not established a regulation, but runways based on the recommendations of the British fashion Council, perhaps English designers would take awareness of the issue. It’s Stella McCartney, that takes on the surname solidarity with good causes, the first designer of that country to send home two of the models they will parade in his collection presented on the Paris fashion week by look too thin.

The girls, whose size is a 36 European, were too thin to be able to find in a good state of health and the British designer decided that on their runway they will only travel models whose size is above the 38 European, i.e., minimum size us two.

A wise and brave decision. My respect for Stella!