Sun City, South Africa

Sun City is one of the most unusual resorts in the world. It is called the South African Las Vegas, as the largest and most famous casino in Africa is located here. But the resort is famous not only for this. Sun City is a real hymn to human imagination, because everything here – from the impenetrable jungle, waterfalls, white sand beaches to a huge picturesque lake – was created by human hands. The resort is located 187 km from Johannesburg. The road from the airport to Sun City takes about two hours. This is a great place for a family vacation, a romantic getaway for two or a corporate group trip.

There are four magnificent hotels on the territory of Sun City, the most famous of them is the “Palace of the Lost City” (Palace of the Lost City 5*). There are a huge number of restaurants, bars, nightclubs. There is a wonderful water park, luxurious golf courses, excellent fitness center and SPA. A large entertainment complex KampKwena has been built for children. In the evening, it’s time for concerts, variety shows, exotic shows, discos and casinos. From here it is very convenient to go on a safari to Pilanesberg, one of the best national parks in South Africa.


Under apartheid, South Africa was a puritanical country: only three TV channels, a ban on casinos, an international boycott by rock and pop stars. And it was at this time that the South African billionaire Saul Kerzner decided to build the Sun City resort and entertainment complex in the crater of an extinct volcano right in the middle of the African bush. He took advantage of the fact that officially the territory of the future Sun City did not belong to the Republic of South Africa, which means that world celebrities could perform here without formally compromising themselves by collaborating with apartheid. Casino in Sun City became the first in the territory SOUTH AFRICA. Today, when apartheid has gone down in history, many casinos and entertainment complexes have appeared throughout the country. But nothing like Sun City was created. For 27 years of its existence, the resort has become a real oasis of pleasure and entertainment, where life is seething 24 hours a day.


Sun City has a wide variety of interesting entertainment for both adults and children.

Valley of the Waves is a huge open-air water park. There is an artificial Roaring Lagoon, where waves rise up to 2 m high and you can surf. It is good to calmly sail along the Lazy river on an inflatable circle and admire the fabulous African landscapes. The Temple of Courage awaits daredevils – a 70 m high water slide. For those who want to sunbathe, there is a beach with the finest white sand.

The Water world center on an artificial lake offers its guests parasailing, wakeboarding, water skiing and jet skiing, a romantic cruise on the lake, watching the sunset over Sun City. Almost any sport can be practiced in Sun City. The resort has excellent conditions for tennis (12 fields), squash, volleyball, horseback riding.

Golf is extremely popular in South Africa. On the territory of the country there are a huge number of magnificent fields for this game. Two of them, which are among the top five fields in the country, are located on the territory of Sun City. These are Harry Player Field and The Lost City.

Zip Slide is a new entertainment in the Sun City complex, which has already become incredibly popular. On a special bus, guests are taken to the top of the mountain. From this mountain, the tourist will have to move down a special cable at a speed of 140 km / h. The length of the descent is 2 km.

The entertainment center opened in Sun City in 1981. Restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, conference halls, cinemas, slot machine halls are gathered here under one roof… The Superbowl concert hall can accommodate 6 thousand spectators. It was opened on July 24, 1981 by the famous Frank Sinatra.

Since then, many stars have performed in this hall. For example, Rick Wakemann, Rod Stewart, Joe Cooker…

Entertainment for children. kids club

Camp Quena is designed for children from 4 to 12 years old. In it, children not only play and swim in the pools, but also get acquainted with live birds and wild animals. There are books, toys, mini-cars and minigolf, a playground and children’s water attractions. Hiking, picnics, theatrical performances and much more are organized for children. The club can be visited by children under the age of four, but only in the presence of a nanny, whose services can be ordered at the center for young children Thula Baba. For teenagers from 12 to 17 years old, a special club has been created in Sun City Club Chirp. In the evenings there is a youth disco.


Sun City and Pilanesberg form a unique tourist area that combines world-class recreation and entertainment with excellent opportunities to experience the wildlife of South Africa.

The Elephant Farm is approximately 15 minutes’ drive from the resort. Here, tamed elephants gladly accept food from people, allow themselves to be stroked, and carry out the commands “ Trunk up ”, “ Trunk down ” (“Trunk up / down”), which are served to them by tourists.

Crocodile farm, located in the resort area of ​​Sun City, is one of the largest of its kind. More than 300 Nile crocodiles live here. In separate enclosures, very small individuals bask in the sun. Stately white herons stroll lazily between them. In the souvenir shop you can buy products made of crocodile skin, stuffed small crocodiles, as well as traditional African souvenirs.

Lions park. Another place where you can go from Sun City for an exciting walk. The park is home to several hundred of these magnificent animals. Here, travelers transfer to jeeps, on the roofs of which there is an observation deck, fenced with a metal mesh. From there it is very convenient to watch the “kings of beasts” walking around the savannah.

Hot air balloon rides (air trackers) are another good way to get to know the park and its wildlife. First, future aeronauts are present when the balloon is inflated, then an hour-long flight follows. After landing – an exchange of impressions over a glass of champagne, an English breakfast and a ceremony for presenting a certificate confirming participation in an air safari. The whole adventure takes about four hours.

Safari in Pilanesberg. Sun City is located within the Pilanesberg National Park, the third largest park in the country. Almost every species of South African wildlife lives here, including the African Big Five, which includes the elephant, rhinoceros, buffalo, lion and leopard. Jeep safaris are organized from Sun City twice a day in the morning and in the evening.

According to Pilansberg on an elephant (Pilanesbe rg Elephant-Back Safaris ). Perhaps the best way to experience the beauty of wildlife is to travel around Pilansberg on the back of an elephant. Trained elephants Chikvenya, Sharu, Mana, Sapi and Michel will help you make such a trip along the ancient animal trails.

How to get there: flight to the local Sun City airport, located 15 minutes. drive from the resort or a two-hour transfer from the airport in Johannesburg.

Length of stay: Two to three nights will be optimal during the summer season (September to May).

Sun City, South Africa

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