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Silichi, Belarus

Silichi, Belarus

According to wholevehicles, the Silichi ski center in Belarus is essentially a year-round resort. In winter, skiers and snowboarders come here to ride on the slopes among the thicket, and the rest of the...

Holidays in Belarus

Holidays in Belarus

Belarus is a small country with beautiful nature and ancient sights. Close to us in culture, it also has a European charm. Holidays in Belarus can be very diverse and interesting – from sightseeing...

Belarus Economy 2

Belarus Economy

Business In the Soviet tradition, the state continues to dominate the economy; the gross domestic product (GDP) is mainly generated by state-owned companies. A market economy has only just begun to develop. After the...

Belarus Median Age

Belarus 2019

Yearbook 2019 Belarus. The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided in November to change its name to Belarus for political reasons. This happened in connection with the Foreign Minister Ann Linde visiting the capital...