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Naples, Italy

Sights of Naples, Italy

With nearly five million inhabitants, Naples (Napoli) is Italy ‘s third-largest city. Naples is the capital of the province of the same name. Naples is wrongly often in the shadow of Rome and to...

Italy Merchant Navy

Italy Merchant Navy

As of June 30, 1937, the Italian navy consisted of 1270 ships per ton. gross 3,212,634; in this complex the motor ships rise to 287 per ton. gross 652,630 (Lloyd ‘┬ás┬áRegister, 1937-1938). The consistency...

best travel time for Lake Garda

Best travel time for Lake Garda

The north of Italy has a popular holiday destination ready: Lake Garda . The Lago di Garda offers both for sun-seeking travelers as beautiful for active vacationers places for a break. Limone on the...

Italy Median Age

Italy 2019

Yearbook 2019 Italy. When the year started, Italy had been ruled a few months ago by a brand new government constellation that became the fruit of the 2018 general election. The five-star movement –...