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Canary Islands, Spain

Landmarks of Canary Islands, Spain

According to Petwithsupplies.com, the Canary Islands form an archipelago that lies in the Atlantic Ocean, west of the Moroccan coast. The islands have been a popular holiday destination for decades where it is good...

Tossa de Mar

Trips to Costa Brava, Spain

The most beautiful places on the Costa Brava According to Youremailverifier.com, the Costa Brava is not a fixed region, but rather an unofficial name for the northern coast of Catalonia. It is about 220...

Avila, Castile-Leon (Spain)

Avila, Castile-Leon (Spain)

The city of Avila de los Caballeros (Avila de los Caballeros) or simply Avila (the capital of the province of the same name) is located 115 km northwest of Madrid in the foothills of...

Information about Spain

Information about Spain

Spain’s sun, siesta and sangria mixed with a great shot culture will never disappoint. Here you feel good whether you choose the mainland’s exciting cities or the islands’ popular beaches. How about a hike...

Spain Median Age

Spain 2019

Yearbook 2019 Spain. In mid-February, Prime Minister Pedro S├ínchez announced his election. The government’s draft budget had been voted down in Parliament, not only by Conservative People’s Party (PP) and Liberal Conservative Ciudadanos, but...

Spain Law

Spain Administration, Law and Economy

Spain, Kingdom on the Iberian Peninsula, with (2020) 47.3 million residents; The capital is Madrid. Administration There are 17 autonomous communities (regions) that encompass 50 provinces, the special areas of Ceuta and Melilla and...